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International brokerage services for Vietnam citizen is an online broker that was launched in the United Kingdom in 2016 and is owned and operated by Capital Com SV Investments Limited.

InteractiveBrokers (IB) is a well-established brokerage firm from the United States. IB was founded in 1978.

Read here for the list of available countries to open account.

eToro is a popular trading platform in Europe. eToro started in 2007 in Israel.

It is essential to know that eToro accounts only hold USD

Gotrade is an app that lets international users buy fractional shares of U.S. stocks and ETFs.

The startup was founded in 2019. Its app lets users buy fractional shares in NYSE and Nasdaq-traded stocks starting from $1 USD.

Unlike other investment apps offering CFDs (contract for differences), Gotrade's products are fully backed by listed equities.

  • Since Indonesian brokers are not allowed to offer foreign securities within Indonesia, but instead have to offer derivatives of foreign securities, Gotrade partnered with Valbury Asia Futures, the Jakarta Futures Exchange and the Futures Clearing House of Indonesia, which are all overseen by Bappebti, the country’s derivatives regulator, to launch Gotrade Indonesia
  • This allows Gotrade Indonesia to offer a fully backed derivative to give its users market access to U.S. stocks. Funds are sent to the Futures Clearing House, and trades are made through Indonesian financial conglomerate Valbury Group and registered on the Jakarta Futures Exchange
  • Then trades are sent to the Alpaca Securities LLC, a FINRA licensed broker-dealer in the U.S. and executed at the National Best Bid and Offer to adhere to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s regulations
  • This means that when a user trades on Gotrade Indonesia, it results in a contract between them and Valbury. Valbury’s corresponding trade with Alpaca Securities creates a fully hedged position.

Local brokerage service providers (Vietnam market)

Anfin là ứng dụng đầu tư chứng khoán chỉ từ 10.000 đồng.

Unique selling point (USP): cho phép mua cổ phiếu/chứng chỉ quỹ lô lẻ (phân đoạn, a.k.a. fractional share).

  1. Anfin
  3. Gotrade
  4. InteractiveBrokers
  5. eToro


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