List of Web Browsers


Microsoft Edge

  • Thoughts:
    • I use both the normal and insider channel
    • normal for temporary view, where cookies and tmp files will be deleted on closing browser
    • Beta channel for media consuming
    • Dev channel as personal workspace

Mozilla Firefox

  • Thoughts: I install both the stable version and Developer Edition. The Beta and Nightly version can be found here

Google Chrome

Aloha Browser

  • Thoughts: serve as my main browser on iOS. I also test their desktop version. Though the sync features between mobile and desktop is not ready to use (2021-12-17). Chromium.


  • Thoughts: Privacy-focused browser. I use this as my corporate working space. Chromium


  • Thoughts: just use by curiosity. Nothing too impressive. I expect that the content publisher will receive my donations with BAT token generated from ads display. Chromium

Dot Browser

  • Thoughts: based on Firefox. Privacy-focused browser

Iridium Browser

  • Thoughts: Privacy-focused browser. Don't have auto update feature. Chromium


  • Thoughts: browser designed for work? I still cannot understand their unique selling point. Chromium


  • Thoughts: based on Firefox. Privacy-focused browser


  • Thoughts: Pricing plan starts at USD 8.4/month, with free tier. Can open multiple accounts (eg. gmail) in one instance.


  • Thoughts: same feature (multiple account in one instance) as Stack


  • Thoughts: against tracking, surveillance, and censorship. I use it to search for academic articles on Sci-Hub, Library Genesis, Z Library


  • Thoughts: still cannot understand what's the use case of this app. Uninstalled.

Orion Browser by Kagi

  • Orion is an alternative browser for Apple users, open to the web and all its standards and protocols
  • Unlike Safari, Orion has native support for both Chrome and Firefox extensions
  • Orion is as fast or faster than Safari, because both use the WebKit engine
  • available for Apple macOS, iPadOS and iOS


  • the browser for research
  • 2022-08-03, currently for invites only


  • the browser for research, with ability to write and publish notes
  • 2022-08-03, currently for macOS only