SPDR Nuveen Bloomberg Municipal Bond ETF (TFI)


Analyst report

  • This fund tracks an index of municipal bonds, a slice of the bond market that is highly coveted due to its tax features
  • These bonds are generally free from federal taxes and in some cases, state and local income taxes as well making these funds crucial components of portfolios for those in high tax brackets
  • Muni bonds are used by local entities to pay for a variety of services or to make improvements to infrastructure paying for everything from new sewer systems to school renovations and bridge construction as such, they are relatively low risk instruments
  • The fund holds close to 300 securities in total and allocates under 15% of its total assets to its top ten holdings ensuring relatively high levels of diversification
  • While the fund may not be as diversified as MUB, it is a cheaper alternative making it a solid choice for those looking to keep costs down and are willing to sacrifice a little in the way of diversification and liquidity

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