How to organize your notes?

How do you organize your notes?

ref: Zsolt's Visual Personal Knowledge Management

In general there are many approaches, none are better or worse. They are just different.

  • random mess
    • notes are not organized random
  • daily notes first
    • everything is recorded into daily notes
    • this is my current choice daily-notes
  • content first (aka. atomic notes)
    • a new note is created whenever you start to write content-first
  • topic first
    • notes are organized into index pages or MOC (Map of Contents)
  • action first
    • notes are organized based on the context in which you will use it action-topic

How to use Tagging for Personal Knowledge Management

ref: fortelabs

Hierarchy style hierarchy

Network style network

The cycle of building knowledge knowledge cycle

Tagging style

  • Tag notes according to the actions taken or deliverables created with them
    • By action – What actions have you taken (or will you take) with this note?
    • By deliverable – What have you used (or will you use) this note to deliver?
    • By stage of your knowledge lifecycle – Which stage is this note currently in (or does it best belong to)?