Reading 2021-12-22


  • Ref:: Fibery blog
  • Title:: 2021 year in review
  • Author:: Michael Dubakov
  • Year of publication:: 2021
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Notes from reading

Market of flexible (no-code) collaborative tools is booming.

  • Notion growth is phenomenal, with 10M users and a $10B valuation.
  • Airtable just raised $735M and it is worth $11B.
  • Coda’s valuation is more than $1B as well.
  • Monday went public and has $12B capitalization.
  • ClickUp raised $400M with $4B valuation


two properties to have Product/Market fit:

  • Churn rate is relatively low in your target segment. For B2B SaaS it is < 15-20% (annually).
  • your users in your target market recommend the product to other people

MRR, activity, number of leads, number of users are not great metrics to measure P/M fit. Let’s say, you can have P/M fit, but have poor marketing and don’t figure out sales channels yet. Or you have a poor conversion, but converted customers don’t churn.

Product developement processes that are already integrated in Fibery workspace