SQL database query language


  • visual query builder, visualize SQL queries
  • Pricing starts at USD 199/year. Free for personal use

Beekeeper Studio

  • open source SQL editor and database manager


SQL Animator


  • Jailer is a tool for database subsetting, schema and data browsing
  • It creates small slices from your database and lets you navigate through your database following the relationships
  • Ideal for creating small samples of test data or for local problem analysis with relevant production data.


  • an open-source notebook for sql


  • this is a general-purpose, graphical user interface for relational databases. That means any data that's organized into tables with rows and named columns
  • Connect to:
    • Microsoft Excel Files (.xls/.xlsx)
    • Google Sheets
    • CSV/TSV Files
    • PostgreSQL


  • A free, simple tool to draw ER diagrams by just writing code. Designed for developers and data analysts.


  • A free & simple tool to create web-based database documentation using DSL code

DBML - Database Markup Language

  • DBML is an open-source DSL language designed to define and document database schemas and structures

Arctype SQL client

  • free SQL client and database management tool


  • open-source data IDE for developers. It allows you to easily build graphs and tables with data pulled from SQL databases


  • Pricing starts at USD 50/month
  • Limited free plan is available
  • Write SQL and sync the results to the apps your team operates in
  • MySQL, Postgres, Redshift, MS SQL Server, and Snowflake are supported. You can also query Google Sheets, Excel and CSV files just like they were SQL tables. You can even query cross database and files (e.g. join a Google Sheet, Postgres table and MySQL table)


  • an open source command line interface (CLI) that can query CSV with SQL, among 85+ other endpoints, including cloud services like Google Sheets, Airtable.
  • A lot of users use it to connect custom metadata with other systems - e.g. join ownership info in Google Sheets with tags on AWS resources


Awesome Database Tools

  • Community driven curated list of database tools


  • Hacker News
  • bring SQL expressive power to the command line by providing easy access to text as actual data, and allowing direct access to multi-file sqlite3 databases
  • Performs SQL-like statements directly on tabular text data, csv file


  1. Sql Join