Reading 2022-03-17


  • Ref:: Hacker News
  • Title:: Amazon acquires MGM for $8.5B (
  • Author:: Jeffrey Dastin
  • Year of publication:: 2021
  • Category:: News
  • Topic::

Notes from reading

The news itself is not exceptional, just proving the fact that

  • streaming services will be balkanized,
  • consumers need to unhappily subscribe to many concurrent providers to watch all the shows they have interest in, like the old days of cable TV

With such hindrance, would the trend of content piracy resurrect?

Nowadays, nobody with average knowledge will use open source bittorrent client like qBittorrent or BiglyBT to search for pirated content, because of legal issues. They can find other alternatives, such as

  • Search for private free or paid Plex server in Plex shares reddit, with a tweaked iOS app to be sideloaded
  • Spin up a personal media server using Jellyfin
  • Stremio is another option, with a r/StremioAddons or an addon-curated-list to explore if you want to go down the road of torrent
    • If you get notices from ISP in your country when using Stremio with torrent links (see reddit), you better switch to RealDebrid
    • You can configure RealDebrid to be used with torrentio addon for Stremio
    • Or setup Kodi with RealDebrid is another option
  • CloudStream-3 is another app to stream movies, tv shows and anime. Android only
  • Nine Animator is a free and open source anime watching app for iOS (sideloaded) and macOS