Alternatives of Jupyter Notebook

My curated list


  • pricing starts at USD 49/month. 30-day free trial only
  • Simple and Modern UI experience to access various Data Science functionalities including Data Wrangling, Visualization, Statistics, Machine Learning, Reporting, and Dashboard
  • alternative of Jupyter Notebook

Google colab




  • web-native spreadsheet where formulas and macros are both JavaScript instead of Excel formulas and VBA
  • review on HackerNews

  • Free Data Science environment in the cloud
  • was shut down on October 1st 2020

Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab

  • is based on the open-source and extensible JupyterLab IDE. Skip the complicated setup and author Jupyter notebooks right in your browser
  • 15 GB of persistent storage lets you to save your project and datasets in the cloud