Publish vault with Obsidian Digital Garden plugin

After having played with publishing via mkdocs, I turn to the Digital Garden plugin. Judging by the length of article, I feel relieved since Digital Garden is much simpler to configure than the GitHub Publisher.

Steps to install and configure with Netlify

  1. Create a new repository from this template 1. This new repo will be called trade-bt-odg
  2. Connect my Netlify account to the repo trade-bt-odg and deploy via Netlify
    • Retrieve the URL of deployed site in Domain settings within Netlify
  3. Configure in "Digital Garden" plugin settings
    • Create a personal access token (classic) then paste it into the "GitHub Token" field in the plugin configuration menu. Also change "GitHub repo Name", "GitHub Username", "Base URL"
    • I did not choose the new fine-grained personal access token as instructed 2, because it requires an expiry date within 1 year, and I don't want to set an expiry date for this token
  4. Create a note called at the root folder of my Obsidian vault
    • add these two keys into this note's frontmatter
    dg-publish: true
    dg-home: true

How to write notes and then publish?

  1. Write note in Obsidian
  2. In the note's frontmatter, add the key dg-publish: true. This action mark that this specific will be sent to the trade-bt-odg repo and then deploy via Netlify
  3. CTRL + P to open Command Palette in Obsidian, search for
    • command Digital Garden: Publish Single Note to send only this active note
  4. I can also publish notes using the Digital Garden Publication Center via command palette or the left-side bar.


  1. cat.tut