Reading 2021-11-26


  • Ref:: The Rows blog
  • Title:: Why and How we rebranded
  • Author:: Humberto & Sandrina & Henrique Cruz
  • Year of publication:: 2020
  • Category:: Blog
  • Topic::

Notes from reading

$100k for a 4-letter domain (

6 months to complete the project

  • 1 month to kickstart, pick a name, choose an agency
  • 3 months for the brand agency
  • 2 months for the design agency implementation

~$150k for a top USA agency to create a digital brand: that includes positioning, visual identity, application to web properties. It excludes actually developing the website, that was another agency. Prices will vary a lot by geography and prestige, we got quotes from ~$50k to $200k+.

the deliverables were as follows:

  • 2 big setup documents: Brand Strategy, Creative Brief.
  • 4 communication deliverables: Messaging framework, Voice & Tone guidelines, Communications guidelines, Writer quick reference.
  • 3 visual identity deliverables: Logo, mark, illustrations, Brand guidelines.
  • Multiple files for design application: homepage, specific product pages, social assets, t-shirts etc.

deliverables were handed in PDF & Figma