Write and publish notes using Dendron

Workflow to publish vault by deploying via Netlify and notes are stored as md files in GitHub private repo.

  • My favorite method
  • Much better, both in execution time, number of keystroke, size of local folder on disk and manual effort, vs the workflow of publishing via GitHub Pages
  • with this Netlify workflow, I just need to push updated contents to GitHub repo with command Dendron: Workspace: Sync, and all of the built process will be executed automatically by Netlify.

Workflow to publish vault via GitHub Pages

I use Obsidian on iOS with Breadcrumbs plugin to view and edit my Dendron vault on iPhone.

An illustration that helps me to understand the concept of workspace, local vault, remote vault, and how they mingle in Dendron.

dendron-workspace Credit: seadude | Dendron community discord

2022-02-11, in this discussion, Kevin explained the reason why the current url of note in Dendron is not human-readable, which helps the url would not break when user refactor the hierarchy of their notes. He also suggested 2 possible solutions and pointed out how they affect the published site' SEO

  1. Commands
  2. Dendron CLI
  3. Edit Dendron vault on iOS
  4. Experience 20220211
  5. Frontmatter in Dendron
  6. Image in Dendron
  7. Keyboard Shortcuts
  8. My Config Yaml
  9. Newsletter Form
  10. Note Reference
  11. Note Traits
  12. Private and shared vaults
  13. Publish GitHub Pages
  14. Publish Netlify
  15. Publish Render
  16. Re-initialize a Dendron vault
  17. Spell Check
  18. Tags in Dendron
  19. Use Schema Template