Implement inline calculations in text editor

VS Code plugin

  • Qalc (by nortakales), Mathpad
    • Note for both Mathpad and Qalc (by nortakales):
      • calculations need to be separated by each line. Cannot combine text with formula in the same line.
      • outputs are updated automatically with changes of inputs
      • results of calculation are rendered separately at the end of the line. And they are not part of markdown file. It means that you don't see the results if you use another app like Sublime Text to read the markdown file
  • Qalc (by Thea Flowers)
    • must download the companion app Qalculate!
    • have to run command manually on the current selection / line through command palette or shortcut Ctrl + Shift + /
    • results of calculations are written in the markdown file

Obsidian plugin


  • In coda, you can

    • embedded inline calculation using math formula

    • also assign variable or placeholder, and use it within inline formula, as depicted in this community post.

      • example: i have a table, where value column is formatted as number


        With the text
        The sum of x and y is =sum(x.value,y.value)
        The output will be
        The sum of x and y is 5
        When we modify the number in column value, the output will change synchronously

  • Decipad
    • Notion-like with spreadsheet capabilities
    • You can build and publish interactive notebooks for things like forecasting, burn rate, a mortgage calculator
    • might be an alternative of Causal
    • Hacker News
  • figr
    • a multi-user notepad calculator
    • has desktop and web version
    • Hacker News
  • Numbr
    • web version only with good mobile web layout
    • no need to signup, can write and share working note immediately
  • NoteCalc
    • web only
  • dedo
    • web only
    • not be able to share via url. Must download a .dedo file then share.
  • Notepad Calculator
    • web only
  • reactivepad
    • web only
    • 2022-11-02, currently in beta. Cannot share document for other to view or to edit (collaborative editing). Don't have intellisense support in formula editor. Lack of documentation.
  • Math Notepad
  • Blockpad
  • Livedocs
  • Patera
    • embed variables, calculations in dynamic interactive documents
  • Grid
  • Numi
    • USD 24 one-time payment.
  • Soulver
    • USD 35 one-time payment. 30-day free trial only
  • Calca
    • desktop and mobile version. All requires one-time license
    • has been stopped being developed probably since 5 or 6 years ago.
  • Calcutext
  • ReplPad
  • Numpad
  • SMath
    • desktop app. can do symbolic math
    • pricing starts at USD 4/month. Free for personal use.