Use MkDocs to publish my Obsidian vault



  • Write notes in Obsidian
  • Prepare files to publish with MkDocs
  • Deploy in GitHub Pages or any static site hosting (like Render, Netlify)
  • or use Github Publisher plugin to send the notes stored in Obsidian to a GitHub repo, then publish this repo with mkdocs

Discussion of workflow in Obsidian forum

Showcase: Tarek Shehata, Obsidian Mkdocs Publisher


  • My 2nd favorite if I need to publish my Obsidian vault
  • has dark theme, built-in navigation bar, search feature, Next and Previous UI links at the end of each doc page, support mermaid.js diagram using mkdocs-mermaid2-plugin
  • open source, static site generator, documents are markdown md files
  • has guide to integrate 3rd party comment system
  • Suitable for technical project documentation.
  • mkdocs-material support tags in notes only in Insider tier
  • mkdocs-material has native support for diagrams with mermaid.js in Insider tier
  • mkdocs-material has Insider sponsorship starting at USD 10 / month.





  1. cat.tut