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  • Ref:: Hacker News
  • Title:: Founder of $90M cryptocurrency hedge fund sentenced to seven years in prison
  • Author:: U.S. Attorney’s Office - Southern District of New York
  • Year of publication:: 2021
  • Category:: News
  • Topic:: #topic.cryptoasset

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You are for sure, in the sense that life is a speculative bubble that'll eventually end in the heat death of the universe, and your exit is foreordained. If you're looking for more actionable advice, it may be worth comparing the expected lifetime of the speculative bubble to your lifetime. Certain speculative bubbles - like the stock market, or fiat currency, or the U.S.A, or life on earth - have a fairly high chance of outliving you. Other speculative bubbles - like Solana, or $GME, or Clover Health - will probably be gone in a year or two. In between are stuff like more established cryptocurrencies (BTC and ETH), tech stocks, Silicon Valley real estate, etc. which might last for a few decades, long enough to raise children, but will likely be gone before your death. As a couple general rules, the faster they rise, the harder they fall, and the longer something has been around, the longer it is likely to continue to be around. Huge profits can be made identifying the new invention that sticks around for decades, or cashing out of the institution that's about to collapse, though.