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  • Ref:: Brian Lovin
  • Title:: Becoming a better interviewer
  • Author:: Brian Lovin
  • Year of publication:: 2021
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Notes from reading

Great interviewers can actively listen to and identify these internal themes in real time. Or even better: they identify internal inconsistencies in a guest's responses

The whole point of interviewing someone is because they know something you don't. Or they have a point of view that you want to understand. A good interview is on a journey to discover that point of view. A bad interviewer is too afraid to ask something dumb so they avoid asking anything interesting at all

Good interviewers are comfortable with long pauses. In fact, good interviewers recognize that silence is one of their greatest tools. Silence, a nod of encouragement, and a little bit of patience, gives a guest space to think and answer more thoughtfully.

interviewing people is hard. It's mentally taxing because you have to balance so many considerations in your head all at once, while trying to look and speak like a normal human being, and you'll understand why there are very few truly great interviewers.

Off-topic note but imho this is the best personal blog I've ever visited with AMA section, comment section in each article, a separate landing page and a Hacker News rss reader. Well this is the current best design I could have thought. I'm eager to learn more about his tech stacks to build my version. brian-lovin-wesite-layout