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  • Ref:: MSCI
  • Title:: Results of the MSCI 2021 global market accessibility review
  • Author:: MSCI
  • Year of publication:: 2021
  • Category:: News
  • Topic:: #topic.investment

Notes from reading

As of June 2021

MSCI 2021 Annual Market Classification Review

The MSCI market classification framework

The Annual Market Classification Review is based on the MSCI Market Classification Framework. The framework consists of the following criteria:

  • Economic development: Considers the sustainability of economic development and is only used in determining the classification of developed markets, given the wide range of development levels within emerging and frontier markets
  • Size and liquidity requirements: Determines those securities that meet the minimum investability requirements of the MSCI Global Standard Indexes
  • Market accessibility criteria: Aims to reflect international institutional investors’ experiences of investing in a given market and includes five criteria: openness to foreign ownership, ease of capital inflows / outflows, efficiency of operational framework, availability of investment instruments and stability of the institutional framework