Reading 2022-01-19


Notes from reading

Amazingly, with apps like Immersed, we can have a virtual desk in VR (here is Oculus Quest 2) with up to 5 screens.

Here is the author's virtual desktop, inside of Immersed, a VR virtual work environment immersed-environment

Interesting reads about the myth to be blind by spending many hours in VR everyday. Tldr: Currently, there isn't any discovered scientific causal relation.

I asked Jerome Legerton, cofounder and chief clinical and regulatory officer of Innovega, an optics technology company. He first explained where VR eye strain primarily comes from: the vergence-accommodation conflict. Legerton tells me the eye strain caused by breaking the natural vergence/accommodation pairing, "this unyoking of something that should be yoked," is reversible by just taking a break. vergence-accommodation-conflict

I'm still getting the purest possible artificial light beamed into my eyes, but Legerton assures me that I should be unconcerned. "There's just nothing to support that the blue light that comes out of a display is dangerous." After all, "you get more blue light in five minutes outdoors than you can get in eight to 12 hours of looking at a computer." I interpret that comment to be reassurance that my spending all day in VR instead of going outside is the healthy thing to do. But he tells me that the amount of blue light in the spectrum of our screens does affect the chemistry that helps us sleep