Apps to Take Time-Stamped Notes on YouTube and Learning Courses

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When you're watching a video online, these free apps take time-stamped notes to remember the exact point where you needed to highlight something.


Available as extension on Chrome, Firefox and mobile apps (iOS/Android).

It works only with YouTube.


  • Start typing at any point to automatically pause the video and create a time-stamped note. Once you press the period key to end your sentence, the video will automatically resume
  • Press the period key to create a time-stamp with no notes, without pausing the video
  • Press Ctrl to take a time-stamped screenshot of your video
  • generate a PDF with all the screenshots and annotations
  • Export your notes to Notion, Readwise, Obsidian.

My thoughts:

  • This is my current choice
  • Cannot delete tags
  • Can delete notes, and note's contents
  • Only 1.8MB, which is lighter than Yinote (27MB)


Available as extension on Chrome, Firefox.

It works with any HTML5 video (e.g. Coursera, Lynda, Youtube, LinkedIn, Vimeo)


  • automatically takes a screenshot of every note you write
  • annotate the screenshots
  • generate a PDF with all the screenshots and annotations
  • Export your notes to Evernote, Google Docs, or OneNote.

My thoughts:

  • The current issues with Chrome. Yinote modal page cannot be closed (reported issues 112, 106)
  • Tested and not satisfied

Other tools

  • ReClipped
    • export to markdown and other platforms feature are hidden behind paywall
  • Media Extended plugin for Obsidian
    • watch and take note directly from within Obsidian


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