A way to ensure auditability in data processing

ref: Petrica Leuca

The trinity of data management: traceability, auditability and reproducibility.

Data auditability

Data auditability has 2 main components:

  • Be able to provide an overview of how you work with data — data quality, data processing standards and data user management
  • Be able to assess how performant or efficient your way of working with data is


set of standard metadata

  • CreatedBy
  • UpdatedBy
  • CreatedTimestamp
  • UpdatedTimestamp

Data processing design

We start with data loaded into a raw layer (or stage) and from there we transform and process it into the integration layer. On top of the integration layer, other data-marts or layers might be created.


  • The source can be any other application generating data
  • Then the data is loaded into the raw/stage layer as an exact copy of what was received from the source
  • The integration layer is the layer in which data modeling activities happen
    • technical: creating surrogate keys, adding technical validity intervals, creating foreign keys OR
    • functional: adding attributes which make sense from a business perspective (type of the user, number of log-ins etc)


  1. topic.data
  2. cat.read