I used LaTex to write math or chemical formulae and publish them online.

Dendron supports KaTex. Here is a list of TeX functions supported by KaTeX

Obsidian render LaTex using MathJax, so I can only use chemistry syntax supported by mhchem


Rendering Multi-line math equations with Katex

ref: Katex

a=b+cd+e=f\begin{align} a &= b+c \\ d+e &= f \end{align}

Use OCR to convert scientific formula to Latex code

  • Pricing
    • Free for up to 50 Snips (or 20 PDF pages) per month
    • starts at USD 5/month
  • Thoughts
    • intuitive, easy to use
    • beside of math formula, Mathpix Snip can also recognize and convert
      • from sources: tables, images, pdf pages, chemical diagrams, handwritten text
      • to output: LaTeX, DOCX, Overleaf, Markdown, Excel, ChemDraw
  • demo

  1. Mathpix
  2. pix2tex - LaTeX OCR