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  • Ref:: Gartner
  • Title:: Understanding Gartner’s Hype Cycles
  • Author:: Marcus Blosch & Jackie Fenn
  • Year of publication:: 2018
  • Category:: Article
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Notes from reading

The Hype Cycle is a structured, qualitative analytical tool. The Hype Cycle is not a mechanically derived quantitative chart. Its strength lies in combining evidence data and expert human judgment. The Hype Cycle is a working management decision tool


Innovation profiles do not move at a uniform speed through the Hype Cycle. We assign each innovation on the Hype Cycle to a category that represents how long it will take to reach the Plateau of Productivity from its current position. In other words, we assign it to a category that shows how long the innovation is from the start of mainstream adoption. The categories are:

  • Less than two years
  • Two to five years
  • Five to 10 years
  • More than 10 years
  • Obsolete before plateau (that is, the innovation will never reach the plateau, as it will fail in the market or be overtaken by competing solutions)




In the Priority Matrix, the vertical axis focuses on the potential benefit of the innovation

  • Transformational: Enables new ways of doing business within and across industries that will result in major shifts in industry dynamics
  • High: Enables new ways of performing horizontal or vertical processes that will result in significantly increased revenue or cost savings for an organization
  • Moderate: Provides incremental improvements to established processes that will result in increased revenue or cost savings for an organization
  • Low: Slightly improves processes (for example, improved user experience), but will be difficult to translate into increased revenue or cost savings

The horizontal axis groups the innovation profiles according to the same years-to-plateau rating used on the Hype Cycle. The years-to-plateau rating is a simple measure of risk based on the projected rate of maturation for an innovation

Innovation profiles rated as “Obsolete Before Plateau” do not appear on the Priority Matrix.