How to Self-Host NocoDB

How to Self-Host NocoDB on


This guide will set Nocodb up on with a SQLite backend.


  • you will have to add credit card information to the account, so keep your usage to the free tier and you’ll have no issues
  • the free tier supports up to 3GB storage for each account. This free volume offered by is persistent (ie. data is permanently stored for free, as long as the storage size does not pass the 3GB limit).1

Other hosting provider that can also deploy Nocodb

  • Railway
  • Heroku - 1 Click Deploy
    • Heroku Postgres free plan (name: Hobby Dev) has a limit of 10k rows
    • Heroku removes their free plan since 2022-10-26 1, so this option is not suitable to test the deployment
  • Render


  1. cat.tut