Query or Vlookup similar method in Fibery.io

Imagine that I have 2 Types as follows

Fund Information Type with 2 fields

  • Ticker
  • Fund Name

Fund Metadata Type with 3 fields

  • Ticker
  • Type of Metadata
  • Meta

Fund Information is related to Fund Metadata as 1:n

I want to create a new field in Fund Information Type that lookup the content of Meta field in Fund Metadata Type that satisfies 2 conditions:

  • Fund Information.Ticker is the same as Fund Metadata.Ticker
  • have a specific value in Type of Metadata field

A pseudo query of my needs

FROM Fund_Metadata
WHERE Fund_Metadata.Type_of_Metadata = "my_criteria" 
    AND Ticker = Fund_Metatadata.Ticker

Currently, I'm doing a hacky way like this in Fibery.

I create a new formula-type field named Tmp in Fund Information Type

[Fund Metadata].Filter(([Type of Metadata].Name = "Auditor") and (Ticker = [Fund Information].Ticker)).Join(Meta,",")

in order to retrieve the content from Meta field in Fund Metadata that satisfy my 2 conditions.

Update 20210723: Since I setup the [Fund Metadata].Ticker as merely a lookup field of [Fund Information].Ticker, I can omit its logic check. The formula should be simpler as follows.

[Fund Metadata].Filter(([Type of Metadata].Name = "Auditor")).Join(Meta,",")

Up until now, there isn't any proper way (a query-type formula OR a lookup-type field with multiple conditions) to implement this task in Fibery