VS Code tips

Keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + L :

  • Scope: Dendron workspace only
  • Behavior: Lookup note
  • Details: Lookups help you create, find, and organize your notes

Ctrl + P :

  • Scope: VS Code
  • Behavior: Go to File List of recently opened files
  • Details: Open command palette, type file name

Ctrl + T :

  • Scope: VS Code
  • Behavior within Dendron workspace: Go to header
  • Details: Open command palette, type keyword

Ctrl + Shift + P :

  • Scope: VS Code
  • Behavior: Show all command
  • Details: Open command palette, type command

Ctrl + Shift + F :

  • Scope: VS Code
  • Behavior: Search text in all files
  • Details: Open search panel, type keyword

Ctrl + Shift + L :

  • Scope: VS Code
  • Behavior: Select all occurences of current selection

Alt + UpArrow

  • Scope: Vs Code
  • Behavior: Move line up

Shift + Alt + RightArrow

  • Scope: Vs Code
  • Behavior: select everything between the matching brackets or quotes

Ctrl + Shift + D

  • Scope: Dendron
  • Behavior: shortcut to command Dendron: Delete Node
  • Thoughts: I remove this key binding from Dendron workspace

Ctrl + X

  • Scope: VS Code
  • Behavior: delete a line and ovewriting the clipboard

Ctrl + Alt + DownArrow

  • Scope: VS Code
  • Behavior: Add cursor below

Alt + Arrow Keys

  • Scope: VS Code
  • Behavior: Move line up/down

Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Keys

  • Scope: VS Code
  • Behavior: Select multiple lines

Shift + Alt + DownArrow

  • Scope: VS Code
  • Behavior: Copy a line down

Bracket pair highlighting

ref: Visual Studio Code October 2021 (version 1.62), Dendron blog

Settings of interest:

  • editor.guides.bracketPairs: active: Only show guides for only the active bracket pair.
  • editor.guides.bracketPairs: true: Show guides for all bracket pairs, with different colors.

Useful plugins

Better Comments

  • Better Comments extension, as the name suggests, helps you write more human friendly and readable comments
  • This extension lets you categorize your comments into alerts, queries, TODOs, highlights, etc. Better Comments also supports a broad range of programming languages better-comments-plugin

Path Intellisense

  • helps autocomplete filenames. When you start typing the name of the file in the statements, this plugin will automatically search file names and give you suggestions path-intellisense-plugin


  • This is a code completion assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence which helps you increase your coding accuracy and productivity tabnine-plugin

Live Share

  • This extension enables its users to share a session and collaboratively edit or debug the code. Live Share also offers integrated text chat and audio (via plugin Live Share Audio). All this is possible without the need to configure the same development environment, tools, or settings .
  • The Live Share extension is really helpful for activities such as remote code reviews, pair programming and interactive lectures. live-share-plugin


  • change the color of your Visual Studio Code workspace. Ideal when you have multiple VS Code instances, use VS Live Share, or use VS Code's Remote features, and you want to quickly identify your editor peacock-plugin

Remove blank lines from a text file

ref: Computer Hope

  • Ctrl+H to open Replace modal
  • In the Replace window, in the Find what, type ^\n and leave the Replace with blank
    • caret (^), which is a regular expression and a way of saying the beginning of the line
    • the \n escape sequence, which is a newline
    • or the \r, which is a carriage return
  • Tick the Regular Expression option

Take Multiple Cursors at Start/End of Each Line in VS Code

ref: shouts.dev

Open the file and select all desired lines. Then press SHIFT + ALT + I to insert multiple cursors at the end of each line. So, all cursors are at the end, then we can add the same text at the end of every line.