Reading 2022-02-12


Notes from reading

This video is quite fun. The author analyzed the cost breakdown of an iPhone 13, in order to explain his point of view why Apple's pricing is actually fair.

The arguments might be valid for US citizens, or the location where Apple has retail store.

I also have a doubt here, learning his comparison of business metrics of Apple (hardware business) with other software companies, instead of its hardware peers (ie. Dell, Lenovo).

Braindead overpriced products (ie. mac pro wheels, polishing cloth) is possibly their marketing tactic to create headlines and define a luxury status of Apple brand. You can have a sense of this by comparing how long the shipping duration of the overpriced products vs an iPhone (2 weeks vs same-day delivery).

Looking at the cost analysis of iPhone 13, Apple is taking a 20% profit from each iPhone sell at retail price. iphone-13-cost-breakdown